1. pre-launch

Our goal is to launch in 4 weeks from now.

We’ve ran into 1 major issue:


The timeline we need it in, happens to be around the same time all of China’s factories go on a 2 week break for the chinese new years. After that’s over they’re playing catch up after. Which could push back the 4 week launch goal

(Side note: The boxes are the only thing coming from China)

Currently: Doing everything I can to rush order these boxes, even paying a premium to get them done in time. I hope it works.

Timeline for the rest:

Photography: Should be done in 2 weeks

Website: Done 1 week after photography

Packaging: 4 weeks

Production: 1 week

Everything should run smoothly, the biggest questionable thing right now is the packaging.

Because we had to rush order, I can’t do quality control and it has me majorly concerned.

Current Customer Count:


Andrew Gale