3. Getting Ready To Launch

Current Goal: Get to launch!

ETA: 2 WEEKS! (Ahead of schedule!)


Content Strategy

We’ve developed our content strategy

3 Posts per week:

  • 1 Blog post (this)

  • 1 Product shot (After launch)

  • 1 Podcast episode

Almost fell into the trap of feeling like I need a piece of content for everyday.

Eventually yes, we should have that but I don’t see a point in creating content everyday if there isn’t something to create content about. If we do that, we’re not only wasting our time but we’re wasting yours as well.


100% of packaging has now arrived.

We should of embossed the logo on the box for a nicer appeal but everything other than that turned out 10/10.


Shooting this Sunday. Will take about a week to finish the editing on the shots though.


Awaiting for the photography but for the most part it’s finished. Not a big deal on the tasks left.

Founders Notes

Box / Packaging:

Like I said in episode 5 of the podcast, we’ve had to do lots of conceptual jumps e.g. going from sketch to production due to budget. One of them was the box width/height. Version 2 I’ll be making the box 1” tall instead of 2” — My thinking was bigger, more luxurious - In this case, the slimmer box would’ve looked better for a wallet. Also maybe 1/2 an inch smaller on width too.


I’ve done a video/gif for the product page myself. I personally really love the style and so do a lot of people. The problem is, does it fit with the branding? Does it fit with the photography I’m having done? If our theme is the masterpiece, how does this video/gif fit in with that?

Shout out to instagram.com/startupnow.io/ (Laurent) for making me think about this more.

Also has me thinking about the future of the brand itself.

We may be presenting ourselves too professional. What makes this brand different is that we’re a creative house and focus around art/design. Not necessarily being the best (even though we are, that’s more of a given).

More on this later, we’ll have to develop as a company before nailing down the branding. We’re early enough to constantly be iterating on this type of stuff until we find something complete.

Side note:

How do you guys like this format? Something you want to see more of?

Please let me know in either a DM - or email andrew@notionbrand.com


Andrew Gale