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Da Vinci didn't just use any paint;

we didn’t just use any leather.

Full grain Italian leather from the renowned Conceria Walpier tannery elevates the wallet to a whole new level of luxury.

The sleek vegetable tan gives it a unique look depending how the light hits, with a pebble texture giving it a rough air of masculinity.

Something you can only get from an Italian Tannery who specializes in making this specific type of leather since 1973.




Craftsmanship from an elite artisan who trains in Japan every year, and rare fine Italian leather only a few know exist.

All put together in a design that garners respect from anyone from the executive to the artist.

Only a few people in the world can produce this kind of quality.

We're one of them.


LA x florence x

new orleans

Experience premium Italian leather, Louisiana craftsmanship and Californian design.

A wallet that puts the world in your back pocket.

LA / California

Design & Founding Place

New Orleans / Louisiana

Talent & Handmade Place

Florence / Italy

Leather Origination Place


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When you buy one of our wallets, you’re contributing directly to the future of this company.

You become part of the family.

We’re a young company, and we have a lot to offer.

When you support us, you not only get one of the most well-crafted wallets around; you also help a small, passionate company continue the art of exquisite craftsmanship - something we believe should be preserved.

We reinvest 100% of the profits into the company, so we can continue to craft incredible products you'll love and enjoy for years to come.